Monday, January 7, 2008

uVme's Amazing Play Plan

The uVme pay plan is revolutionary in design and is unlike any other compensation plan ever designed for a multi-level marketing (MLM) organisation. The management team at Virtual World Direct (VWD) set out to develop a pay plan that was weighted favourably right the way across the uVme affiliate structure. They envisaged a pay plan that not only paid the business building leaders handsomely but also one which rewarded the affiliates just starting out in the uVme business. And what a networking gem they have placed before us!

The uVme Pay Plan – A Networking first

On the whole MLM companies pay out 20-25% of revenue to affiliates in commission and very rarely 50-60%. The uVme pay plan on the other hand shells out a phenomenal 70-75% to its business partners.

The uVme Pay Plan - The 6 Jewels of financial security

  • Fast Start Bonus – Affiliates who work along side to assist and develop their recruits’ businesses will be in line for this bonus. This gives all new affiliates the chance to create a sizeable income from day one. For each and every new affiliate you sign up in your first month you will be paid £100 instantly! Simply bring on board 10 affiliates in month one and you will pick up £1000 instantly! Not to mention all the other commissions that you will also receive as a result of these members developing their own affiliate businesses.

  • Power Pool Revenue Share – This is paid out early on in the uVme pay plan to allow all new affiliates to cover their costs and move into profit as soon as possible. 8% of the revenue generated by the uVme business is paid into this pool and is then shared out between qualifying affiliates when they reach Q2 (level 2) in the uVme pay plan. To reach level 2 each affiliate must personally recruit 3 members.

  • Generation Bonus – This is paid on the turnover of the company (VWD), down through 7 levels in your uVme structure. An infinity bonus is also achievable at the higher levels in the plan for the serious uVme business leaders.

  • Promotional Bonus – This is a special cash incentive paid to you as you move your way through the uVme pay plan. In your personal member’s website you will see a ‘cash box’ window that will increase in monetary value as you and your uVme team work your businesses. When you reach Q4 (level 4) in the pay plan, this cash sum will be released to you INSTANTLY whether its £100s or £10,000s. This is a wonderful motivational incentive for both you and you team. This money will be available for you to spend the minute you reach this level in the pay plan.

  • 100% Matching Bonus – This is paid on every single member personally recruited by you. Whatever Generation Bonus they earn, you will also earn – 100% of it! You will even pick up this great bonus for all the affiliates placed into your organisation.

This is considered to be a very powerful element of the uVme pay plan!

Instant Pay – As the name suggests when you earn commission you do not have to wait until the end of the commission period to be paid. With uVme you are paid the minute you earn the money!

Visit the uVme pay plan page for further details of this unique compensation package. I trust you agree with me when I say that the uVme pay plan is a real gem.

Register for FREE with uVme today and start to build your team prior to the pay plan going live January 21st.

Saturday, December 29, 2007

Bubble Trouble Is Even Better!

Oh we just love the bubbles here at uVme and we felt Bubble Trouble needed some extra fizz adding to it.

So we have added new music to the splash page along with new in game sound effects. Plus we have made the game easier to play AND we have added some cool new animations.

The spikes now rotate when the mines move plus we have even added bubbles to the spikes when they move…how cool is that!

Can we possibly add any more fizz to this game? I’m sure we can, so keep the feedback coming in.

uVme Fruit Frenzy Has Been Made Even Better

Yep Fruit Frenzy has been made even better! Is that possible? You bet it is.

The game developers in India have been blending your feedback (see what I did there) and have made Fruit Frenzy more compelling I know this because I have just played it none stop for TWO HOURS!

So what’s new? Well there is a new sound track in the background whilst you play which really drives the game. Do you like it? Let us know.

But the main difference is in the scoring and in the way the game is played. Now the faster you clear a level by removing the Ice Blocks the more points you get. This means you get more points for completing each level as fast as you can rather than delaying the end of a level and trying to get those combos.

The result - a faster and more frenzied game play, so now you really have to get into a real frenzy to clear those ice blocks.

Thursday, December 27, 2007

uVme Downloadable Instant Messenger

We did not think it was possible to get any more excited about uVme, then on a recent web conference we saw the first screen shots, and a rundown of the functionality for the uVme downloadable Instant Messenger – WOW!

Words cannot do justice to the viral potential of the uVme IM. As everyone that knows us knows, we always have high expectations from VWD… Were they met? They were blown away!

In our opinion the new IM is so good that if you took away the games it would be a product that could be marketed in its own right. Plug the games into it and VWD have created a world first for Network Marketing in terms of communication for both our associate networks and players!

We will be able to just share the new IM while socialising online, as the latest and greatest cool new tool on the web, which someone can have for free! Then guess what will happen when that person starts using it, imports their contacts, and discovers the games… and their friends do the same…

In the four years we have been involved in internet/network marketing we have never before seen something as desirable and viral as this as a route to market, it takes our business potential to a whole new level.

Think about this for just one minute:

• Network Marketing is the fastest growing business model in the world
• Social Marketing is growing exponentially
• The Casual Online Games market is growing four times faster than the internet
• Instant Messaging as a communication tool is growing twice as fast as email

uVme have combined all this together: now do we have the ultimate business or what!

—A very excited James Holden & Julia Cook

Sunday, November 4, 2007

uVme Launch Date Set For Nov 26th! The Games Are Going Live!

Here's the news you've all been waiting to hear...

Games go live on 26 November - yippee!

Most functionalities will be live from that date (provided the next stage of Beta testing runs smoothly that is) including Associate upgrade (pay,play and earn), one-2-one gaming, running tournaments and the communicator.

This is known as Soft Launch with the main full-function expected live March 2008. Up until that point we'll all be beta-testing the system.

Downline Strategy

Having now had several discussions with our upline and indeed the co-founders of VWD Tom Brodie and Len Fitzgerald it is agreed that to make best use of the Pay-Plan and to maximise incomes from this fantastic opportunity this is what we all need to be doing:-

1. Select your 3 best team members, the people who you know are going to commit. That's all you need - 3 people who are serious with the business. Those 3 people then need to duplicate what you've done, i.e. get 3 people who are committed to building a business.

2. After that's set - concentrate on depth in the team.

3. Help and support others to find their 3 and you'll have the foundation for a massive - and we mean MASSIVE income

Between Nov 26 and the period-end ( 23 December) we will be able to make placements of our personally sponsored members to achieve the optimum result.

In the words of Tom Brodie, co-founder of Virtual World Direct and the innovator of the uVme concept:

"This (uVme) will be disruptive....... like Facebook and YouTube..... in the networking marketplace."

AND 3 new bonuses were announced!

To hear all about this and launch date you need to listen in to Eric Avery's conference room broadcast tomorrow night, Monday 5th November at 2:00 pm Eastern.

The link to the room is: -

Friday, November 2, 2007

Calling All uVme Leaders!

I know that we are all eagerly awaiting the official launch of uVme and let me tell you, its right around the corner. Eric Avery said on a recent conference call “the sand has almost run out of the hourglass”. I have good reason to believe that within the next 30 days we should be live and I can’t stress enough how important it is for you to start building your business right now while it’s FREE.

I am looking for future leaders to mentor who are interested in building their business now before the games go live. I will provide you with powerful marketing tools and show you how to drive hundreds to thousands of people to your uVme site every week at no cost. Every single member in my downline that I have personally worked with has received anywhere from 30 to several hundred signups within the last 30 days.

If you are interested in working with me 1 on 1 here’s what I need from you

Respond to this email and include your phone number and best time to contact you.

Dedicate at least 10 hours a week to building your uVme business.

You need to be willing to upgrade to Associate once the games go live to ensure the highest income level. (My goal is to get you into profit the very first month if not week or day that we launch.)

Please keep this in mind: When uVme announces that they are launching, shortly after that you will receive notification that you will have 28 days in which to decide if you want to convert to an active Associate. For U.S. members, the cost is $199.00. If you have been busy building your business, and just two of your members convert, your enrollment fee is paid back to you. It only takes one more to be qualified for commissions on everything else. If you sit back and wait, then realize that uVme is exploding right before your eyes (and it will), you’ll be scrambling to get sign-ups. Why wait?

I also encourage everyone to attend at least one of the web conferences that are held several times a week. For more info please check out the events under the “News” tab in your back office.


Friday, October 26, 2007

USA Business Opportunity and Workshops

uVmeBusiness Opportunity Presentation

The Games Are Going Live Soon!

Join us Saturday Oct. 27th at 9:00 pm EST

Please join us to hear Independent Associate Linda Tangarone present the uVme business. Then, join Linda for one of her very exciting workshop sessions.

Just click on this link:

Please note, this starts 10/31/2007

9pm Eastern Time - Every Sunday - Wednesday - Friday

Business Presentation (Bring Guests)


Training Workshop same days but starts at:

9:45pm Eastern Time

The workshops will cover different topics;

  • Welcome and let's get started

  • Prospecting & list building

  • Pay plan

  • Becoming a mentor and trainer

  • Develop a player base and loyalty (customer service)

  • Doing business on line (list building, advertising)

  • Just click on this link:

  • You might have to download the plug in for the conference room. Download this early because it may take a few minutes to download


(This Saturday 10/27 Eric Avery will be the guest speaker)

The first Saturday of very month we will have a special

workshop with guests speakers

4 PM Eastern time (9PM UK time)